Friday, June 10, 2005

"they" say I'm the most resilient person they have ever had to frame and ruin! no one should be violated, framed, and worse!

Still being followed and can't even visit a friend without people around saying they are going to kill me and that I was going to be made before they framed me as a drug dealer and a heroin addict. I have never in my life ever sold a drug or seen heroin! They are saying they signed my death warrant today and that they are bribing everyone around me to lie about me. If this is the case they wont get away with it. My uncle, a police vet and attorney have both told me it is impossible to lie! They say they are going to take me in if they can't kill me and declare me unfit for trial and try to kill me in jail. I have done nothing illegal! I really can't go anywhere with "they" telling everyone I'm a drug dealer and that they are going to kill me and it has been happening for years. I went to the media with this story over two years ago! What next evil violators? I have merely been quoting these evil violators and all their lies about me and people want to blame me? Who are "they" and who is accusing me of what? Same things over and over because that's how they are and this is what they have been doing - for years!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

look at the other months on right as well


People especially "they" have become so disillusioned by jealousy they really think it is okay to violate, defame, frame, and murder innocent talented people? "they" know their lies and crimes hopefully more of the ignorant do now as well!
"they" say he couldn't handle his fame. I have always had a hard time getting by by painting houses, working for printers, putting all extra time and money into my art work, and now selling RealEstate. The biggest problem and stessor has been lack of money! The lies and crimes against me have been as overwhelming. Fame is what? Fame synonymous with worst case lies, personal violations against me, extortion, larceny, and conspiracy to murder me? That's what they say and that is what I've had a hard time with as they follow telling me and laughing about it! Sickening that corrupt people can use government resources to violate as they do!!!
"they" say they thought he had nothing to live for as they blackmaled a oral surgent to stick me with something after all the usual lies they told. I don't know if he really did or not but was talking about this guy in the office that was threatening him to the other doctor about seven feet from me. I have been doing follow up testing for six months and everything I'm told is okay but "they" say different (DP harbor 5-30-05 as I fished and they were also saying they were going to try to kill us that night). I could care less what jealous, ignorant people say and do as long as they don't criminally violate me and I haven't even scratched the surface of what I can do with my dignity and talent! "they" don't believe he can do all that? "they" are unbelievable! I'm not going to change anything and I will never give up regardless of what these evil people continue to do to me!
"they" think they damaged him to much to let him go! As if "they" haven't done enough already? "they" want to take my freedom and my life "they" are so evil jealous!? I made a decision many years ago when it became obviously apparent that they were tapped into my phones, following me, violating my privacy and entire life, trying to frame me and kill me and saying so the whole time - thinking and saying they were going to make a fortune by stealing mine with their evil fabrications about me - a decision - I made a desision to continue! Continue doing my best maintaining my ethics and morals and most certainly doing nothing wrong even in self defense! I am a good person and always will be despite "they" and their evil crimes against me! I didn't ask for nor deserve to be violated and have always known "they" would expose themselves! This really isn't about what I have done it's about what "they" have done and has nothing to do with me! It's fascinating that "they" think their lies are credible!!! I'm naturally seeking compensation for the damages "they" have inflicted on me personally, my associations, and my livelyhood! "they" say better me then them/they the violating criminals!
"they' say no one liked me. Who likes anyone with talent except others with talent and vis versa? I fish, run, snow ski, and am very interested in science - all at a world class level! what interests you? Everbody is different. What's there to like? I don't steal, cheat, feel jealousy or spite, and I'm good at everything I do. I could not be more disgusted by these evil violators and their entire conspiracy! "they" brag about what they have done and are doing. "they" don't realize how many people know and they say no one will believe me!? I create art and quote "they" - I need not mention what they do again. "they" say a lot of things and they have involved countless good people based on their lies! "they" are also saying - they are going to pay him off if people come forward - as they have been threatening and bribing people to conspire against me. One can not imagine the investment and extent "they have gone to to ruin me based on their fabrications of jealousy! "they" thought and maybe still think I was some easy victim that they could frame and make money off their ficticious stories about. An interesting starving artist but certainly no criminal, bad or mean person! All about "their" jealousy, greed, and crimes! REALY!!! Can you imagine trying to live your life and make a living with "they" doing these violations to you and your life? You couldn't! and it is hard to believe and they have really devastated me at times! Who cares if "they" like me - how could they? These "they" violators whoever they are, have got people following me around disillusioned into criminal conspiracy and mythology based on their jealousy. There is no irony in jealousy! The fact of the matter is "they" are jealous and that is why they have committed these crimes against me and continue to cover up and continue lie and continue to try to frame me and continue to ----------------
Brenton A. Baird 6-8-05

Sunday, June 05, 2005

To many people got involved framing him to let him go.

Same old follow me, tell worst case lies about me and say they have a hit on me. Still telling everyone I'm a heroin addict and a drug dealer - lies!!!!! They don't want me to be made. They aren't letting me be made. They are getting ready to take me in. They are going to try to kill me tonight. They didn't want him to become to powerful before they did it. They thought he was a model(anyone could be a model) or else they would have done it already. They paid everyone off to frame him. They reinstated the people that caught framing me. he could have been the biggest artist in the world. They were going to make him before the video(they were saying and doing the same things two years before I ever sent out a video). On and on and on - everyday! I cant't and haven't been able to go anywhere for years without being followed, lied about, and threatened by these evil violators! Everybody knows!!!!! They wanted to make me and give me a show until they found out who framed me? What next? You evil violating criminals! Brenton A. Baird

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Believe it!

Not my vocabulary or my practice! "They" aren't letting him be made. they they they they they they they they they --------

Monday, May 09, 2005

illegally keeping me down is okay?

They're saying violating me and keeping me down is some of the best work they have ever done! ON THE CONTRARY - NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO VIOLATE AND THREATEN INNOCENT PEOPLES LIVES!!! MY WORK IS BY FAR SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK EVER DONE! WHEN REALIZED AND TRUTH UNDERSTOOD AS SIMPLE AS THEY VIOLATE UNDER FAULSE PRETENSES WITH THEIR OWN CRIMINAL AGENDA - MY WORK AND SIMPLE TRUTH COULD CHANGE THE WORLD! What if they were doing these crimes against you? You probably get extremely upset when a single jealous person lies, violates, or threatens you! Multiply that by one hundred thousand plus - is that okay? You really think that would be and is okay to do to a person?

Sunday, May 08, 2005

"they" have been trying to steal (larceny) my identity and work (my fortune) extortion! I need a safe home,studio, money, wife and security to shelter

myself and family from such evil criminals. period.

I've never been better and more used to such violators!

they have covered every lie in the english language demonstrating their jealousy!

"they" are telling people I'm the most schizophrenic person they have ever had to kill on top of everything else! I merely recognize "they" within feet of me, are warned about they by friends and strangers, and quote them/they and tell everyone what they do! Just as many people know they and what they do as the ignorant people that have heard their lies and threats! I'm just a simple, good guy, who does art and watches they try to frame and murder me - telling everyone all along! I can even tell you why! JEALOUSY! Period - for the ten millionth time! What next? Nothing to be jealous of, nothing to lie about! Nothing to talk about(time is vauable you know) and nothing to threaten! Brenton A. Baird - crazy to quote you??? you!

cleancut guy

One of the first things said that stand out from over 5 years ago in HB,CA was a guy saying they thought I was a cleancut guy after saying saying I did heroin- that's when the organized violators came into their play. I was, am, and have always been a health oriented athletic person! I have never sold drugs and never been into drugs. I've tried a couple a few times but have never been into the threat of drugs and certainly not threaten anyone else with drugs or anything illegal!!! I have said all this a million times and some piece of shit is trying to frame me and has the whole county thinking I was a drug dealer. What can I do? I don't blame anyone but the jealous, evil person that started this conspiracy - for the millionth time again! They say they didn't want a guy being made running around selling drugs. I never have and never will!!! And every other worst case evil lie! I am a cleancut conservative guy and always have been and the only things that I haven't been able to handle are the crimes against me by these evil conspirators! Period! What's so hard to understand? I encounter this everyday and have for years - oh well - but there is no justification for these crimes against me! I am a good guy!

I should have been helped ten years ago and I should be helped now!

Every excuse to deny me rights and life? Says who? Today neighbors were saying they already finished their movie script about all the lies they have fabricated about me and signed an actor to play the part and that they would kill me for that alone. I hardly even go out anymore because of this overwhelming criminal conspiracy and I have done nothing wrong! They want to make a movie about worst case lies about an innocent, interesting, talented person that they are so jealous of! Again, satisfying their evil jealousy and their evil greed! They started this following, violating, lying, framing, conspiracy to ruin and murder me the talented victim, over five years ago and I haven't had much of a quality of life sense!!!! They don't believe I did all my art and am who I am! I can't believe such evil, violating, lying, homicidal criminals have been doing this to me!!!!!!! I have to believe in good, truth, and myself!!!! Brenton A. Baird - People can't help talking about me and all the lies and threats on my life and it just keeps going on and on and on! What more can I say? I have told everyone and quote them/"they" daily. Jealousy!

Saturday, May 07, 2005


I can't go anywhere without being lied about and threatened! My neighbors are saying all the same lies some knowing a bit of the truth that they tried to frame me. This morning someone said - he used to be a nice kid before he got involved with drug dealing and heroin. I have never in my entire life ever sold drugs and I have never in my entire life ever even seen heroin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still am and will always be one of the nicest, generous, considerate people in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "they" their lies and crimes of evil jealousy and consiracy have not and will not change who I am! They are calling me a devil worshipper and every other worst case lie based on their level of jealousy and figments of their malevolent minds! It's one thing after another and it's all lies and DENIAL! They say they are going to kill me and say a vigilante did it. Evertime I do something there's someone to say the opposite. I do some art - they say I didn't do it or I copied someone else, LIE! I go golfing or paint a friends home(I painted homes and worked in printing for 15 years) they say I'm a drug runner, LIE! On and on and on! Why? JEALOUSY. PERIOD. People would not waste their time and money if their worst case accusations were true and they weren't jealous! I wouldn't be here now or years ago! So they're jealous,who cares? I only care about their crimes against me because of their jealousy. I'm speaking for all violated talented people! Violate someone else or how about violating no one at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recognize and hear these violators and their plots within feet of me, quote them and they say I'm crazy. All Denial and I don't live in denial! I'm looking out and wondering what they are going to do next? I'm still painting and moving on with my life. I've got jealous criminals all around me! I need my own life away from such bad people!!!!! I'm trying! Brenton A. Baird

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